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Escalating creator economy to community economy, unleashing the power of Creators, Fans & Brands ​

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About Colorverse​

Asia First SocialFi NFT Community Platform with a Web 3.0 Marketing Solution

Colorverse, which was born in 2021, is a community economy building platform with an NFT marketing solution that connects creators, fans and brands, powered by blockchain technology and an ecosystem. We are designed to provide everyone the ability to enjoy entertainment while growing their wealth through the web3.0 experience, which we called “Earn-tertainment.” We aim to transform the existing creator economy into a new era of community economy and to provide a refreshed influencer marketing, unleashing the power of community.

WHY does Colorverse exist? ​

We are here to tap into the Web3.0 ownership sharing and rights to co-create within community.

Allowing creators, fans and brands to unleash new ways to interact and communicate

the problem:

Limitations of Current
Social Media

Every day, many users are interacting with various social media touchpoints. However, current social media corporations and platforms are creating a power imbalance in the ecosystem, which has led to unfairness, hazy income, a lack of mutual benefits, and a lack of clarity regarding the efficacy of marketing.

Passive Creator Economy, which results in a Creators' business model that cannot be sustained

A lack of sense of belonging, that Fans are rarely appreciated and simply being a patron is not enough

Questioned KOL strategy, which Brands desire to improve marketing effectiveness​​

our solution:

Community Economy
on the Forefront​

By integrating Web 3.0 technology and metaverse experience into the NFT community economy ecosystem, Colorverse is setting new standards and developing a new generation of social media platforms, eradicating problems and issues with the present social media landscape.

A democratic shift in how Creators are paid, with greater ownership and clarity

Concept of Dynamic Earn-tertainment for Fans via Community Participation

Influencer Marketing Evolutions for Brands with a New Form of Engagement

Colorverse is for… ​


Colorverse enables creators and even micro-influencers to maintain a sustainable economic model by owning and connecting their own fanbase. They could connect and do more in various ways to get beyond their current income barrier sustainably. Creators may identify their superfans, turn them into ambassadors, and have complete control over the community.


Colorverse fans have reached a new level to be a part of the community, and share ownership of the community and the right to co-create. With "earn-tertainment" options like product seeding and other forms of interaction with brands, fans will also be rewarded within the community.


Colorverse enables brands to develop a community approach and move beyond their existing KOL strategy. They can make use of NFT-identified KOCs to improve user engagement and gather honest feedback from actual users, opening up a new paradigm for business commercialization.


Colorverse’s Ways of Engagement Among Creators, Fans & Brands​

The Colorverse ecosystem includes an NFT community platform with integrated solutions designed to fulfill the demands of the emerging community economy. Our functions and services have transformed one-way comms from Creators to Fans into an interconnected ecosystem and interfered with brand engagements.

NFT Community

Colorverse has all features present on other social media platforms including a video streaming platform and a tipping and subscription system. NFT Launchpad facilitates Creators create NFT as a Community identity. Action-to-Earn features, Metaverse events provide additional entertainment while also creating earnings at the same time. And the Community members can interact with each other and continue co-creation in a Community Governance Portal.

Community Marketplace

Colorverse allows brands to transition from their existing KOL approach to a community strategy (KOL + KOC) at the Community Marketplace. By providing them with the ability to identify, interact, and engage, the community would then advocate for the brands with returns and rewards. Brands may create a novel sort of marketing strategy in collaboration with communities.


Colorverse’s Features​

Colorverse features a range of products and features empowering creators, fans and brands to unleash the power of NFT community in a new horizon of social media, with wealth growth opportunities.

Video Monetization platform

A variety of monetization options in the user-friendly video platform help creators generate revenue and give them full control and a sustainable model. With the Action-to-Earn model, users can now take use of all the SocialFi perks and quirks. By participating in platform activities like uploading videos, inviting friends, sharing, and commenting, community can earn Popcorn tokens.


We provide an automated drag-and-click system so that creators can easily create NFT as digital assets, either for their fans to purchase in fiat and cryptocurrency in order to make a profit, and by owning this NFT, fans can participate in the community.

Governance Portal

This enables creators and fans to participate actively in the community. They can propose, discuss, and vote on the best approach for community development while continually keep an eye on the community's wealth growth.

We include a ready-to-use venue in the metaverse where artists may unleash their creativity anytime, anywhere. The community can organize metaverse events in our space and socialize virtually. A variety of activations, including live broadcasts, stage performances, mini games, NFT galleries, and the development of avatar wearables are available in clicks.

Enter Metaverse


We allow NFT communities and brands to interact and connect with one another. Brands are clicks away to create NFT advertisements. By depositing tokens, they may select the appropriate NFT community for the program, and the chosen will be entitled to receive additional revenue.


Colorverse Token (POPCORN)

The Colorverse token is the community currency of the Colorverse ecosystem and has a complete utility purpose.

The Colorverse Token - Popcorn is our proprietary tokens. The total supply of POPCORN is 1,000,000,000 and will be minted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as an BEP-20 token​

Popcorn can be earned, claimed, and redeemed through a variety of community activities. ​The monetary value of Popcorn will be optimized in proportion to the growth of the Colorverse.​​

For detailed Tokenomics and uses, please click to view Colorverse’s whitepaper here. ​

token utility

Consume MEchanics

As a fan, popcorn can be used to purchase NFTs and tip the creator.​ Popcorn can be used as a creator in platform advertising fees, Metavervse event fees, and unlocking community management features.​

Earning Mechanics

40% of our tokens will be distributed through our platform by weekly emissions when users do certain activities. Rewards are determined depending on user activities and the total number of user actions. Each action will result in the accumulation of points, which will subsequently be added together to create a leader board.


ERC-20 Token Launch in Q4 2022​
Total Token Supply : 1 Billion​
Initial Circulation : 86.5 Million (8.65% of Total Supply)


Colorverse Roadmap

Multinational Creators backing Colorverse​

Partners and Investors​

The Team

Sharon Tse

Chief Executive Officer

A Web 3.0 trailblazer that has enabled multiple businesses to evolve and transform under dynamic trends of digital transformation. Strong leadership on startup forming, brand transformation, work process planning and profit optimization with solid international network connections.

Award-winning talent with over 17 years of experience throughout the region with strong track record of MOB-EX Awards, Markies Awards, and d-Awards Malaysia Digital Association

Ivan Tan

Chief Tech Officer

An innovative tech veteran with deep industry experience that has led a legion of social software development projects. A co-founder and director of multiple start-ups that provide all-in-one technology solutions, obtained the critical know-how in translating product value and realising ideas into extraordinary web and mobile experiences.

Award-winning talent that often sweeps through the IT & Communication category, with accolades across the International Innovative Awards, the Golden Bull Awards and the BrandLaureate e-Branding Awards.

Roy Lee

Technical Lead

Software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in developing software solutions. Exceptionally skilled in all aspects of the software development lifecycle and in project management from conception to delivery. Recognized as a competent and hands-on leader who can coordinate cross-functional teams in a deadline-driven environment to complete projects on time and within budgetary constraints.

Joan Ng

Marketing Manager

Over 10 years of experience in the fashion and creative industry. Experienced in project management, community building, brand marketing and merchandising with international companies. Led the pioneer team to develop brands in new markets.

Highly experienced in the marketing industry. Takes a methodical approach towards data analysis, constantly striving to create pragmatic yet out-of-this-world ideas to life. Award-winning talent with AOTY Awards and Bizbash (U.S) Awards.

Part of ARC Community, Malaysia Lead to organize community meet up, gather the community in Malaysia to connect, collaborate, and create value collectively as a community.

Thian Hooi

Senior Developer

Full stack developer with a strong technical stack covering video streaming, web3 services, and social media domain. He is proficient in designing software architecture and skilled in developing in NestJS, NextJS and PostgreSQL.

A curious learner and result oriented person who takes pride in getting the job done. As a tech enthusiast, he believes in the future of Web3 and is actively contributing to the space.

Jaycee Eng

Multimedia Designer

Over 5 years of experience in the creative industry. Experienced in event, packaging, and digital design. Highly skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. Award-winning talent with Muse Design Awards.

Currently, work as a multimedia designer in Colorverse, responsible for the entire design process, from branding and marketing through UI/UX product design, NFT Design and eventually to the Metaverse design.

Frances Tan

Operation Executive

A detailed operation coordinator who deals with multiple departments to oversee and maintain operational smoothness.

Assisted 3 start-up companies in planning and developing complete workflows for effective communication across departments within 4 years. Skilled in product design, data analysis, organization and budget management.


Cheong Chia Chou

Presto Group CEO

More than 20 years of solid experience in technology business, with strong business acumen and proven partnership building capability.

Founded Pictureworks Pte Ltd and was awarded EY Entrepreneur of The Year 2018 Singapore Award under Media & Lifestyle category

Chung Ho

Cheil Hong Kong Director Of Client Services

A senior executive with over 17 years of creative advertising, integrated communication experience, leading the account servicing teams for regional and local accounts including Nissin Foods, Promise Finance, Microsoft Corp., Hutchison Whampao Property and Johnson & Johnson (Listerine).

As a strategy-based team leader, he continues to lead his team to improve clients' profitability and support clients to achieve their brand vision and overcome brand challenges.

Samuel Yu

Business Director
Advertising Agency

With more than 15 years' experience in the marketing and advertising industry, Sam is providing marketing and branding advices for Colorverse.

His expertise includes brand partnership, marketing campaigns and strategies and advertising & PR. He has worked with quite a number of blue chips corporations including HSBC, DBS, State Street, Microsoft, Nokia, Diageo, AIA, Unilever, and etc.

Jeremy Joo

Unicoin DCX Ltd

Has worked with different blockchain projects and cryptocurrency exchanges. Helped 2 crypto exchanges to obtain their licenses from Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA).

His expertise is in tokenomics, whitepapers and basically running a crypto exchange.

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